A thing can’t BE any of the properties it HAS (contrary to what race biology, like cladistics, asserts)

The problem with conceptualization is that a real thing (like a coin or an orange) has at least two aspects (ie, the front and the back side), and that MANY “aspects” aren’t ONE. The problem with this fact is that it means that “aspects” do not exist as singularities per definition, but only as multiples (at least as couples) in the form of relations, and that a single relation thus can’t be a single thing.

This problem means that relations are inherently ambiguous in their relations to single things. wherein one relation is two or more things. However, this problem becomes more obscure is if we turn this steak up-side-down, concluding that it also means that one thing is a half aspect, although the thing has two aspects. A single thing thus not only has at least two aspects. but moreover is at the most a half aspect. This conclusion reveals that the relation between is and has is orthogonal. ie, diametrically opposed. Never can the two fuse.

There is thus a fundamental orthogonal (ie. diametrically opposed) difference between what a thing is and the properties it has, on the contrary to what race biology (like cladistics) assumes as an axiom. No thing can actually be consistently equalized with its properties per definition. because there is a fundamental orthogonal contradiction between every thing and its properties.

This. my friends. is Russell’s paradox, and luckily it contradicts race biology, like cladistics. It actually liberates every thing existentially from every class it can be allocated to by its properties. It thus shows that racists, like cladists, are fundamentally contradictory. They are wrong all the way from bottom and up, that is, totally wrong.


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