On the “thing” behind the two aspects of reality

Reality has two orthogonal aspects: time and space – the fundamental question is whether there is something behind these aspects or not (and what this something may be in that case).

Unfortunately, Russell’s paradox means that there isn’t anything behind these aspects. There isn’t anything that gives rise to these two aspects.

What this fact means can only be understood by quantum mechanics (ie, mathematically), because only quantum mechanics handles this fact consistently. A mathematical understanding is, however, difficult to put in other words than mathematical. My attempt is to say that the problem is that the thing behind these aspects is in the process of change in time and space, and thus that it is non-existent only by being in the middle between before and after.

(Asserting that there indeed is something behind these two aspects, like a true tree of life  (cladistics), or claiming to “think one has got it”, like Higgs particle (particle physics), does not realize these “things”, but merely turns matters up-side-down by acknowledging inconsistency instead instead of consistency. If this had been the case, then paradoxes would have been real instead of things.)

We thus have to accept the fact that there isn’t anything behind the two aspects of reality. Reality is simply empty in every moment we look at it.


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