On the step of particle physics from science to faith

Particle physicists believe that there must be a “Higgs particle”, because otherwise reality would be incomprehensible, just as if this state (ie, that reality is incomprehensible) is self-evidently impossible, when everyone that understands conceptualization also understands that this state on the contrary is a fact per definition.

So, guess who are most surprised when journalists report that particle physicists have actually found this “Higgs particle”? That’s right, all of us that understand that this “particle” is a definitional impossibility, ie, a self-contradiction. We do thus understand that this finding is a fraud (whatever it may be).

However, at a closer look we can hear that particle physicists do not actually say that they have found this “particle”, but that they “think” they “have got it”. It is just journalists that hear this statement as if particle physicists are saying that they have found it. The difference is subtle, but unsurmountable. The difference between “think have” and “have” is actually the difference between faith and science. Particle physicists’ statement is difficult to interpret, and this is probably also is the intention. Particle physicists simply want to get more money to build their new super-duper collider so that they can blow all pieces into pieces, giving every single smoke trace an artistic name, and this requires that they indicate that they’re at least close to a solution of humanity’s unsolvable problem, that is, to explain reality. In this situation, they simply yield to faith, ie, to “think”, although they sense that it contradicts science itself, in the name of self-interest.

However, in the moment these “particle physicists” yield to faith (in the name of self-interest), they actually disqualify themselves from science. For the rest of us, this step simply means that we can no longer trust them. From then and on, they can obviously say anything in the name of self-interest, because they are no longer honest even to themselves.  They are simply no longer scientists. Ironically, they got the Nobel Prize for taking this step.

(The “finding” itself makes no difference for anything, because it actually merely recognizes abstraction instead of reality, and abstraction can’t be real, because it is fundamentally self-contradictory as Russell’s paradox demonstrates. The “finding” thus merely tries to make dream come true, ie, solve the unsolvable problem to explain reality, by brute force. And, as being a definitional contradiction, it does not explain anything, but rather is the explanation of particle physics. At this level particle physics does not discuss reality, but rather strives to validate itself (by brute force), and reality is not dependent on the success of this strive.)


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