On the problem with conceptualization and the problem with reality

Conceptualization has an internal structure that leads us to “the axiom of choice” if we consistently avoid contradiction.

Whether this definitional fact also means that reality is ambiguous, as we thus are forced to comprehend it, is impossible to find out empirically, since we can’t stop it. But, we can understand that reality always is ambiguous between what it was and what it will be in its continuous change, and from this understanding, we can conclude that reality can’t have an unambiguous state at any moment in time, since “moments in time” thus aren’t real, but artificial. (Which furthermore may be the reason why we can’t stop it, ie, “stop”, in itself, is artificial). This conclusion is also what quantum mechanics has arrived to.

Clear is, in any case, that it excludes that there is something like “the Higgs particle” to be found empirically, contrary to what some people calling themselves “particle physicists” think they have found empirically (a thought they moreover have been awarded the Nobel Prize for). (By the way, why aren’t there any “wave physicists”? They could similarly find “the Higgs wave”.)


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