Is there a single true origin of cladistics?

Cladistics is the belief in a single true origin of life (ie, “the tree of life”). This belief gives rise to the question: do cladists also believe in a single true origin of cladistics?

The more fundamental (general) question is: do ideas (like “a tree of life” and “cladistics”) have a single true origin? If the answer is no, then cladistics is wrong. If the answer is yes, then there can’t be any false ideas (eg, false trees of life), which there are if all ideas indeed have a single origin, meaning that this idea is wrong if it’s right (ie, is inconsistent). Cladistics is thus obviously wrong independently of the state of affairs, because it is inconsistent.

That’s what happens when one gives way to faith (like cladistics) – diving into inconsistency (ie, self-contradiction). It feels good initially, but then one has to defend one’s own inconsistency (like a running point).

It is easier to defend consistent (scientific) reasoning, like mine. There isn’t a single cladist that dares to challenge my reasoning, because deep down they feel that they are wrong, even if they don’t understand how. (Or…?)


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