Conceptualization does not contain any route to The Truth

When we discuss reality, we do it in terms of the properties of objects (like the color of the skin of humans). This approach has a tendency to make theorists forget what we’re actually discussing (ie, objects), because it leads them into the idea that the class of objects that has the different properties in question (in this case different colors of the skin, ie, “humans”) is something that exits (ie, is real), instead of just being a class of objects we also define in terms of properties. The superclass appears more real than its subclasses do. This tendency makes theorists change focus from the objects themselves to their properties, just as if properties can be objects. This change of focus leads from the basic approach that is called “nominalism” (ie, traditional empirical science) into the approach that is called “realism” (like “cladistics” and “particle physics”). These two approaches, in turn, form the fundamental split in human thinking.

The problem for humanity, however, is that classes (like the superclass and its subclasses above) are fundamentally orthogonal (ie, perpendicular or diametrically opposed) by meaning that nominalism is fundamentally ambiguous in relation to the objects we discuss and that realism thereby is fundamentally paradoxically contradictory. This problem thus means that we in our discussion of reality can only be ambiguous in relation to what we discuss (ie, nominalism) or paradoxically contradictory (ie, realism). There is no way to be both consistent and unambiguous in relation to what we discuss. Instead, this imaginable possibility is actually empty, ie, a void. It is a place for different Gods and the idea of a single truth.

In terms of nominalism and realism, this void is the ultimate meeting place between them (ie, Russell’s paradox), nominalism comprehending it as a paradox and realism comprehending it as the hidden truth. It is thus actually nothing but the empty core of conceptualization. Conceptualization is just a tool we can use to make ambiguous models of reality. It does not contain a route to The Truth.


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