The finding of Higgs particle is a fraud

Some matters present only two alternative opinions, ie, white or black, that is, no third compromise or synthesis that is “neutral” between them. One kind of such matters is opposite conditions, such as whether time is or isn’t relative to speed in space. Such matters forces us to choose one of its alternatives. There is no third alternative that accepts or rejects both of them.

We can, however, open a third alternative by asking whether one of the alternatives (eg, that time is relative with speed in space) is true or false. This “move” triangulates the question from the original question  (ie, whether time is or isn’t relative to speed in space) to its orthogonal opposite, ie, whether each of the possible answers is true or false, and does thereby open a possibility that both may be true by dissconnecting them from each other. In this setting, we may well answer both alternative questions with that both are true without (explicit) contradiction. We simply move the “or” from the truthfulness of the original two (opposite) alternatives to the truthfulness of each of them.

This possibility reveals that “truth” has two orthogonal aspects: one specific and one generic, whereof the generic concerns the matter itself and the specific concerns the truthfulnesses of its alternatives. The problem with this is that it means that a search for a single truth actually is an orthogonal merry-go-round  between these different kinds of truths, because the no-no alternative, ie that both alternatives are false, is the route to the yes-yes alternative, ie that both alternatives are true, and vice versa. The possible singularity is thus actually a paradoxical contradiction. This fact is actually what Russell’s paradox demonstrates.

We can, of course claim that there indeed is a single truth and even that we have found it, as cladists and particle physicists do,  but it does not change the fact that there isn’t any. Claims can’t create reality. The only thing it can accomplish is to confuse science, and thus also confuse those of us that weren’t confused in the first place. Fact is that such claims are wrong. There isn’t any single truth, although particle physicists have been awarded the Nobel Prize for finding it. This “finding” is actually nothing but a fraud.


3 responses to “The finding of Higgs particle is a fraud

  1. What you postulate here, contravenes the notion of absolutes.
    Let me demonstrate what you argue against.
    Please place your finger upon an anvil then strike it exceedingly hard with a hammer. End of arguement.

    • I’m not arguing. I’m stating a fact. And, as far as I can understand, a fact (like quantum mechanics and special relativity) can’t be overridden by subjective experience. If “Higgs particle” can’t exist because it is impossible, then “Higgs particle” doesn’t (don’t?) exist even if particle physicists “think they have got it” (as they express it). Not everything is possible, and we can’t make impossible dreams (abstractions) come true.

      No, truth is obviously a matter of more or less rather than of white and black, independently of what I feel if I put my finger on an anvil and strike it with a hammer. Dream is dream and reality is reality, and never will the two fuse.

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